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by Armin

Useful Ecommerce Tips

Do you have a business and you want to expand it? Internet is your best solution. However, online business has some codes and ecommerce is on them. Doing business on-line takes different methods. In this article I am going to give you some tips on how to make a successful Ecommerce marketing campaign.

Create a Content Marketing Strategy

Every project starts with a good plan. The ecommerce business takes a good content marketing strategy. Start by making a list of all methods you’re going to pursue to reach out to customers. These methods can videos, blog posts or newsletters.

Check your marketing strategy on a regular basis, and assess the content creation process. You can get eCom Edge, a great program that can help you in your business. Learn more about this program and check the best eCom Edge bonus on Profit-Academy.org

Generate an Automated Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is actually the linchpin of successful ecommerce marketing tactics. Email marketing strategy is very important in the whole process as it is considered the best method for reaching out to your customers and convincing them to buy your products.

Diversify your platforms with social media

Well, social medias are always seen as great place to start an ecommerce business, however, it is actually not that simple to sell a product on a social media since it’s difficult to discover which platforms work best. In this case, it is much recommended to diversify your platforms and cut the ones that don’t work well.

Create Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus and Twitter pages. Once you content is spread through these platforms, use social media analytics tools to figure out which ones work best.

ecommerce tips

Personalization Strategy

Well, Personalization is one of the most up-to-date marketing tactics. This strategy is based on the idea of branding your business along with a person. This person becomes then the “face” of your company.

Loyalty Program

A good credible loyalty program will certainly bring customers back to your business. You try to convince your customers to shop more and spend extra money, and they get a reward in return.

Provide Translation Features in Your Online Store

Since you want to reach out to people from all over the world, it would be better that you speak to them with their native languages. To do so, provide translation features in your online store.

Following these simple, yet useful tips while starting your ecommerce marketing will help you reach out to more customers and thus expand your business and enter new markets around the world.

by Armin

Mark Ling’s New AffiloJetpack 2.0 Review

One of the most difficult things in internet marketing that many people have come across with one in a while is putting up a good niche marketing funnel that beginners can actually convert in a decent manner. However Mark Ling has made a lot of effort using his Affilojetpack 2.0 package.

Most internet marketers who sell tips on making money online are fake but Mark Ling is definitely nit one of them. He has been able to establish a business in all kinds of niches, which is apparently doing very well. He has the best advanced and quality products available in the market, e.g. playing guitars and learning languages, which have been in existence for many years. In terms of niche marketing Mark Ling definitely has got the experience.

Through niche marketing Mark Ling has also been able to train a lot of people on the many ways of making money on the internet for years. This has so far enabled him to realize and come up with solutions for the many problems that a newbie may come across with, once in a while. He is the best has he has no arrogance which internet gurus usually have. This makes his products come in a good and desired quality.

As stated above, it is challenging to put up a converting funnel. Even though you have a lot of visitors driven to your page, it will be a big issue if you cannot convert them in to sales to profit you. This is where AffiloJetpack 2.0 comes handy.

You will be able to get discounts on all tools you would wish to have I order to setup a marketing funnel with the new Mark Ling’s AffiloJetpack, i.e.
Receiving Article Research Packs
Search Engine Optimization and also key word search
E-books to use on your pages
Professional E-covers/graphics
You will get access to AffiloTheme

You will only have to do a bit of button clicking and you will be on the road cruising with a website that will have a professional marketing funnel, which will be ready to get traffic and hence a lot of cash as your profit.
If you want a profitable niche, get yourself AffiloJetpack 2.0, a friendly problem solver, to take you through what you desire. Learn also how to attract the right kind of traffic to your page and nothing will come between you and your success always.

by Aidan Booth

100K Factory Review


Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth have earned a reputation as being two of the most respected Internet marketers out there. This is largely because they have taken a no BS approach to teaching Internet marketing through some very high quality products that actually follow through with the promises that they make. It looks as though 100K Factory is going to continue to follow their existing reputation.

The reason that Steve and Aidens products are so successful is that they are actually based on experience rather than theory. Normally, the systems and products that they create are tested very extensively prior to them being made available to the public. So far, this method has ensured that they have been able to continuously release high quality products and courses.

How does this relate to their new product, the 100K Factory which is meant to be an online course to make $100k per year with just 4 websites? Well, read on as we take an in-depth look in the 100K Factory review below.

What Is 100k Factory?

The 100K Factory is a new product that basically gives you the ability to create a $100k/year income by providing you with the training and tools necessary to achieve this amount of success from owning 4 different websites. If you want to earn more than $100k/year, you dont have to stop after creating the initial four websites as Aidan and Steve have given you the tools and training necessary to continue to grow well beyond this point.

What is Included with the 100K Factory?

First, lets talk about the included training.

During the first 8 weeks of the course, you will have access to numerous live online classes which are designed to get you up and running as quickly as humanly possible. On top of that, you also have access to an incredible amount of instructional videos, various PDFs which outlined the entire process required to reach $100k/year in a short amount of time, and numerous business planning kits designed to help you succeed over the long term. Honestly, 100K is a very conservative number for the amount of quality training that you are going to be given throughout the material provided in the 100K Factory.

On top of the training mentioned above, perhaps the best part is that you will also have some great high quality over the shoulder style videos that will allow you to observe Steve and Aiden going through the entire process from start to finish.

Aside from the training, there is also a special support area that will help you should you get stuck during the process of setting up your business.

Now that training is covered, lets have a look at some of the tools available in the 100K Factory.

By signing up for the program, you also gain access to a toolset that cost more than $70,000 to develop. These tools are specifically designed to help relieve some of the mundane tasks associated with building your online business to the income goal of $100K/year.

The first tool that you gain access to is a website builder that can help you create professional looking sites that follow the 100K Factory training.

You also get access to a tool that will help you generate content and post it while also being able to increase the contents monetization as well as overall conversions. This tool helps to take a lot of the guesswork out of how to better optimize your content.

All of these tools have been developed from the ground up with a complete newcomer in mind. So, you can be assured that no matter what level of training you have, you will be able to jump in and take advantage of all of the tools available at your disposal.

Is the 100K Factory Worth the Investment?

Honestly, by following the courses and e-books that are currently out there being offered for $47, you are never going to be able to reach a six-figure income online. The majority of the content that is being offered for that price is typically just regurgitated, outdated methods and tools that are being resold just to make some quick cash for the product seller. The 100K Factorys $2,500 price tag may sound a bit steep, but believe me when I say that you will save a ton of money over the long term as you will not be investing in worthless courses that typically cost between $37 and $100.

In short, if youre willing to follow the instructions given by the 100K Factory course, then you should definitely go ahead and invest in the product. If you are still on the fence as to whether or not you can put in the effort, then you should definitely pass on this offer and move on to whatever system you may be currently using.

Here is a quick video review of 100k Factory:

by John Gibb

Discover The Top Niches For Affiliates

Over the past few years, affiliate marketing has become highly competitive with everyone struggling to sell their products and services to the customers. Affiliate marketing is one of the best most effective ways to earn money online. However, without good knowledge about affiliate marketing niches, and the right SEO tool to help you get higher rankings, you might fail terribly and even lose money. 

So, which are the best niches for affiliates? These tips will help you discover the best and the most profitable niche.


People desperately search for permanent solutions to health problems facing them like weight loss, best diets, smoking, drug abuse, anti-aging solutions and other medical issues. They are looking for programs, support groups, books, and magazines as well as other relevant materials that will help them get more knowledge on the health issue affecting them.
A huge percentage of people in the world are struggling with weight loss and will do anything to shed a few pounds; even if it means spending huge sums on weight loss products. This is one of the best affiliate niches that will help you pocket a few extra coins in your pockets.


Most people out there need useful tips on how to ensure that dating turns out right. Others want to know how to build a solid foundation on their relationships, how to avoid breakups, how to treat each other, when to move the relationship to the next level(marriage). Others in the “marriage department” will want and need plenty of advice on how to make their marriages work, how to prevent divorce from occurring and how to live happily ever after…. and the list goes on and on. Its definitely one of the best niches to promote!.


Everyone dreams of having a big house, fleet of cars, businesses and many investments. People want to know about what it takes to become successful in life like the famous Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and most of all, how to gain massive wealth. Others want to know how to make money online, best business to start, how to invest properly and the list continues. People are more than willing to buy books, invest in brain programs, and other materials just to get an idea about how to make more money. 


People always have the desire to improve their lives and most of all, their well-being. There are plenty of products out there that people will want to buy including self-help books which offer motivation and inspiration. These are great products that you can promote and earn a lot of money.


Most people are always looking for ways on how to keep fit. Most will seek every source offering advice on how to go about it. This even includes those who are not trying to lose weight. There are programs that can help them develop proper exercise routines. This means that there are a lot of people whom you can promote your products to. 

Keep in mind that if there is nothing to promote, the niche will not make you any money. You must find the best product on that specific niche. Also, if you really want to make better profits, make sure you recommend those products that are effective and of good quality. Investigate new programs to avoid scamming.
Finally, pick those niches with few competitors and focus on those that will increase your success chances.

by Armin

Super Affiliate Machine and the Mindset of a Super Affiliate

To earn big amounts of cash, an affiliate marketer doesn’t only need top-notch software such as Super Affiliate Machine by Austin Anthony. He should adopt the affiliate mindset used by superstars in the business. A unique mindset is required but since you can learn success from others, it is important to get clues from super affiliates who have succeeded in the field. Below are some of the characteristics of super affiliates:

Creates and follows a plan.

Affiliates set long term plans (more than a year), and short term plan (monthly) and majorly a day to day plan to keep you on toes. If a plan is not set and followed, one will end up concentrating on one part of their life and neglecting the other. You should set up activities to be done on daily basis and strategies on how to achieve these tasks.

Markets creatively.

Many affiliate marketers fail because they just follow the crowd and use strategies of other people. Using other people’s strategies will make you earn cash but you will never get to highly paid affiliates. You need to develop your own style and something to make you stand out in the crowd. Super affiliates come up with offers and content that will keep their customers buying again and again from them. And they deploy unconventional marketing tactics such as viral marketing for instance.

Test and truck everything.

Affiliate marketing is a game of numbers. You should learn to test and truck your numbers including rates, earnings per click, impressions or even attributions. If you do not know your numbers, then you do not know your business. Super affiliates know their numbers, they must.

Maximize their offers

In affiliate marketing, income is determined by the number of offers you put in market at any given time. Super affiliates should learn the art of maximizing their offers without going overboard and misusing their customers. Providing value should be placed before sales.

Provide value by giving first.

Super affiliates offer high quality content and advice before asking for any returns. They do so to attract life time customers, you should not be focusing on one time transaction with your clients. Give out quality and you will get the same in return.

Run your business like a business.

Many people do affiliate marketing as a second job or part time job, this earns them a little income. Super affiliates take their affiliate marketing seriously. Take it as serious as a job not a hobby. Once you concentrate on affiliate marketing seriously, you will earn a lot of money and might even consider making it a full time job.

If you are an affiliate marketer earning little amount of cash please try the above characteristics of super affiliates. For those considering to start the business, incorporate all the above and you will enjoy great returns.

Here is a Super Affiliate Machine review, which is one of the software used by super affiliates:

by Armin

Crowd Force can Help Grow Your Business

Crowd Force is an online traffic generation tool that can make any business grow by taking advantage of the traffic ocean that is the internet for any business out there.

It can be used for affiliate marketing, ecommerce and even local marketing as a tool to connect with your target audience where conversations are taking place. Whether you can personally and in your specific situation take advantage of Crowd Force is hard for me to tell as I don’t know you. What I suggest though is that you have a look at how this software works and then decide on your own.

Look for an in-depth review of Crowd Force and base your decision on it. It’s also advisable to look for a fitting bonus that will help you get the most out of it and take your business to a whole new dimension.

I could find a good video review on Youtube and here it is:

I look forward to hearing about your business progression attributed directly or indirectly to Crowd Force.

by Armin

Heading in Soccer

It’s really surprising how many people from around the world wishes to become professional soccer players, not only because they love the game but also due to appealing salary of soccer players that keep increasing in a ridiculous rate all the time. As a result, many people tend to improve their skills in soccer in the hope of attending professionalism someday.


soccer-headingWhat actually show the core of the player is his ability to master difficult techniques such as heading, which bring us to the different types of heading practices, which we will be mentioning in this article:

  • Regular Header: in order to achieve this skill, make sure to maintain a good position of your body, make sure to stand still while you arch your back and hit the ball with your forehead.
  • Diving Header: while performing this type of heading, make sure that all your body will move in the same direction of the ball while stretching your arms forwards to reduce the power of the fall.
  • Flick Header: this one is performed backward, by making contact with the back of your head and redirect it in the same direction.
  • Glancing Header: is usually performed when the player is in front of the goal, it’s usually performed by jumping and hitting the ball in the precise direction that you want to.

As a Conclusion these are the basic types of heading skills in soccer, but also keep in mind to not close your eyes while trying to head the ball, make sure to head the ball with your forehead, also whatever happens don’t be afraid of the ball, the is the least of your worries trust me. You can also check Matt Smith’s Training Program, for some of the best soccer training demonstrations available online.

by Armin

How to Find Reputable Tattoo Removal Center

tattoo-removal-centerTattoos look great the first time you get them but you might change your mind about the design a few years later. This is when you need to find a New York tattoo removal center. However, you should not just settle for any clinic. You have to choose the right professional to carry out the procedure. There are several places that offer the service in the state but you have to consider various factors to choose a reputable one.

Specialized Training

Select a New York tattoo removal center that has well trained personnel. Laser treatments are used to remove tattoos and this requires specialized training. The practitioners at the center you use should have gone through intense training. Their training should emphasize on laser operations, safety and patient care. Find out the specific details of the training that the personnel have gone through. You can get this information from their website or by calling them. This puts you in a better position to make an informed decision about their services.

Advanced Technology

A reputable center will have the latest equipment. It will apply advanced technology to ensure the process is carried out properly. There are various types of lasers in the market. The center you use should have a laser machine that is specifically designed to remove tattoos. If the wrong laser is used, you will not get a good outcome after the procedure.


Training is essential but the center you use also needs to be certified. It should be a member of the American Board of Laser Medicine and Surgery. If the center is certified, you are assured that they will follow quality standards during your procedure. Both the laser specialist and the clinic should be certified. Look for certifications and licenses before you sign up for the procedure.


The cost varies from one clinic to another depending on the specific treatments that you require. Inquire about the payment options available. This allows you to get a treatment plan that is within your budget. Most of the plans offer between 8 and 15 treatments before you get desired results.

Book a Consultation

One of the best ways to determine if a New York tattoo removal clinic is right for you is to book a consultation. This gives you an opportunity to explore the center before you go for the actual treatment. Ask all the questions that you have about the procedure during the consultation. This is the best time to ask about the types of lasers used and expected pain. Choose a clinic that makes you feel comfortable. If you are uneasy during the consultation, find another clinic.

Expected Results

You should know what to expect once the laser procedure is carried out to remove your tattoo. The tattoo can become lighter after the procedure. This means that it will not disappear completely. It is important to know this before the procedure. Ask about scarring and any side effects of the treatment. A reputable New York tattoo removal center will have several pictures of work done on previous clients. Make sure the pictures are genuine not images downloaded from the internet.
Laser Tattoo Removal Cherry Hill Laser

by Armin

Top triathlon training clubs in Geelong Australia

The sports of triathlon is surely gaining a lot of popularity and is quite enjoyable one as well. However, while it has its perks – it’s not as easy as 1,2,3 and you become a good triathlete. It takes a lot of training hours and training that needs a lot of energy and motivation to keep you going. Obviously, the place where you train for triathlon plays its part and that’s really important for your success as a triathlete. Let’s have a look at some of the top triathlon training clubs in Geelong Australia:

Geelong Triathlon Club

Formed back in 1984 by local pioneers of triathlon, Geelong Triathlon Club is one of the oldest triathlon clubs in Australia and the best one in Geelong, Victoria. The club has a great track record of training athletes that later went on to become national and even international champions. Moreover, over the years Geelong Triathlon Club has organized some of the major events in the region and the tradition still continues. It includes the world famous St. George Series as part of “One Summer” and Tooheys Blue Triathlon Series and many other events like National and even World Championships. Well-known triathletes like Greg Stewart, Brett Ricchini, Tim and Steve Bentley contributed a lot to the sports of triathlon in Geelong. With such a great history, the club has been and continues to be one the best triathlon clubs in the world not just Geelong, Australia.


If you’re looking for an alternative to Geelong Triathlon Club in Geelong then EnduranceTeam is your cue. Founded back in 1996 by Jarrod Evans and his coaching team and up till now they have successfully coached hundreds of athletes in Geelong as well as from other regions of Australia and since 2006, the club has trained number of international athletes as well. The club is not very different in terms of techniques and facilities from the Geelong Triathlon Club, in fact it’s strongly affiliated with it. Some of the achievements of EnduranceTeam include Youth athletes holding Olympic Gold Medalists, more than 100 athletes competed in the Hawaiian Ironman since its inception, Podium Level Professional Ironman Athletes, Top 3 International Professional Ironman athletes, trained more than 500 beginner athletes to complete their first triathlon and many more.


So, which one’s the best? Both are really good clubs but a lot depends upon your personal preferences as well. One important thing to note here is that the best of the training clubs are not best just because of their latest equipment and facilities, they are best due to the top notch coaches they have – coaches train, equipment and facilities are merely supportive units in the process and don’t forget that you need to be motivated to be a successful triathlete.

by Armin

Benefits of Choosing the Best SEO Services NYC Can Provide

If you’re serious about being profitable online, why settle for anything less than the highest rated provider of SEO services NYC has? The search optimization company you choose can make a big difference on the outcome you receive.

Unfortunately, some New York-based businesses are cheap when it comes to getting a pro to optimize their websites for search. They know that there’s a lot of local service providers to choose from and simply pick the one that bids the lowest, hoping that the service provider’s drive to outdo their own competition will force them to do an amazing job when working on the project. It just doesn’t work that way.

What you’re looking for is someone who can give you a high rate of return on the money you invest in professional SEO. That’s something only the best can do for you. Read on to learn about some other benefits of going with NYC SEO industry leaders for the optimization of your website.

Protection against Google Penalties

Guess what happens when you opt for one of the mediocre providers of SEO services NYC has. If you’re lucky, the results simply won’t be that great, but at worse they’ll get your site penalized by Google.

Sometimes website owners are able to help their sites recover from a Google penalty, but there have also been many cases in which there was nothing left to do but build the site over again from scratch, purchasing a brand new domain name. Clearly, cheap SEO services just aren’t worth the money or risk.

Complete Control Over Your Campaign

It’s your website. You should have control over what’s done with it when it comes to on-page and off-page SEO. Sure, the SEO company you choose should be trustworthy enough that you can leave the project in their hands without having to worry about small details, but you never know when it may be important for the company to be open to your input.

One of the elements that allows a provider to qualify as having the best SEO services in all of New York is a focus on high-level customer service. Choose a company that will listen to you and integrate your preferences into the campaign.

A Real Boost in Search Engine Rank

Companies in the SEO industry tend to make some big promises, but what good is that if they can deliver on those promises? As part of their strategy for attracting new clients, they often boost about how they can get a web page on the first page of Google in a short amount of time. That’s not a promise you should believe in.

The best SEO company is the one that bring you real results. They should be able to demonstrate the effectiveness of their approaches by presenting you with references in the form of other clients that they’ve served and actually helped to rank better. You need to be sure that they can deliver the type of results you’re paying for.

Highly Targeted Traffic and Customers

Being ranked highly in Google is great, but how much that truly benefits you depends on the keywords you’re ranking high for. It’s so important to your conversion rates that you rank for the terms your potential customers are using.

This means the SEO provider that you choose should be one that takes the time to gain insight into the nature of your business and focus on ranking your site for the keywords that will bring you in the most profits. If they don’t put a focus on something as important as this, it could be that you get rank and tons of traffic, but no sales.

It’s not enough to just go after keywords that are easy to rank for. You need an SEO service provider that looks out for your best interests.

Picking Your SEO Company

Keep these tips in mind and use them as your criteria when you research NY SEO companies. Doing so will help to ensure that you really get the type of results for which you hope. Be aware that there are tons of service providers in the area but few that can actually meet these high standards. Yet, when it’s your success on the line it makes no sense to go with anything less than the best SEO services NYC has to offer.

SEO Basics so you have an idea about what these guys will be talking about